We refund 10% of your monthly losses.

Terms and conditions

  • To obtain the bonus, the person must have an account on the website www.satrsport.do
  • The refund will be made on a monthly basis.
  • The refund applies only to one account per person.
  • Duplicate accounts do not apply for this refund.
  • The refund will be credited through a Cash Bonus on the player’s balance.
  • The refund will be valid only on straight bets and the line cannot exceed +250.
  • The maximum refund to receive is $ 250 USD or its equivalent in Dominican pesos
  • Wagers on lines greater than -250 (1.40) will not be considered as an amount played to apply for the refund
  • All participants must be of legal age.
  • Promotion valid for a limited time
  • If any anomaly is detected, the administration has the right to withdraw the bonus and / or the profit generated by it.
  • The refund includes a rollover (3x), which you must comply with to request the withdrawal of the profit.
  • Only direct sports bets will count towards the Roll Over.
  • Bets on Live Betting, Horse Racing, Casinos, Esports products do not count towards Roll Over.
  • Rollover: For rollover requirements, refund received, multiplying by the number of the roll specified in the bonus. Example: $ 100 losses generate 10% payback ($ 10x 3 payback = $ 30 required on bets).
  • How is it calculated?
  • The total deposits made are added to the initial balance of your account on the 1st day of the month and the total money withdrawn during this period is subtracted. From this total, the available balance in your account at the end of the day of the last day of the month is subtracted and multiplied by the percentage of the bonus to be received.
  • Example:
  • Starting Balance: $ 100
  • Total deposits: $ 1000
  • Total withdrawals: $ 200
  • Ending balance: $ 50
  • ($ 100 + $ 1000- $ 200) – $ 50 = $ 850
  • If the bonus is 10%
  • $ 850 * 10/100 = $ 85
  • $ 85 is credited to your account!